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35% Discount On FilmFreeway Submissions

35% discount for your film submission through FilmFreeway, valid only until February 14, 2018.

These are the participating festivals:

1. World Film Awards
World Film Awards greet independent filmmakers, travelers, history lovers, adventurers, and general filmmakers to show their passion through entertaining, informative, and detail-oriented films. They are craving for excellent produced films and documentary with distinctive voices.

Discount code: 35LOVEWFA
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2. International Film Festival for Environment, Health, and Culture
The Festival was established for the betterment of humanity, as a means of supporting and promoting filmmakers all over the world. It hopes to participate in a cleaner and better environment, raise the quality of life and intercultural dialogues for better acceptance and understanding of people and diversity in life.

Discount code: 35LOVENENVI
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3. International Film Festival for Family, Against Drug Abuse & Trafficking
The festival mission is to raise local and international awareness towards issues relating to family, drug abuse, and trafficking, and to help the United Nations promote its humanitarian goals.
The Festival accepts films/documentaries with special themes: family issues, against drug abuse, anti-trafficking, and films/documentaries with a general theme: inspiring and informative outstanding film.
Discount code: 35LOVEFADAT
CLICK HERE to submit.
4. Documentary & Short International Movie Award
Festival for documentaries and short films. The Festival’s categories submission: Best International Documentary Feature, Best International Documentary Short, Best Asia Pacific Documentary, Best European Documentary, Best America Documentary, Best International Short Films, Best Asia Pacific Short Films, Best European Short Films, Best America Short Films, Newcomer, Best Director, Best Cinematography, Best Editing, Best Actor, Best Actress, Best Story.
Discount code: 35LOVEDSIMA
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5. World Humanitarian Awards
The Festival strives to give recognition to people, who work and dedicate his/her life for the betterment of humanity. It values hard works labored for peace and humanity, reaching hunger souls crying for help.
Discount code: 35LOVEWHA
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