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Open Call for Surveil/Surveilled Student Exhibition at Skidmore College

Surveillance can pervade our everyday lives in insidious ways. MDOCS Storytellersʼ Festival/Symposium at Skidmore College will draw together practitioners of all mediums to showcase work that engages in this years theme of Surveil/Surveilled. During the weekend-long festival, documentary practitioners, activists, learners, scholars, and the local community will explore surveillance through the presentations of artistic work. Students are invited to participate in this open dialogue by submitting their work.

Up to three submissions are accepted from single artists or collaborations. All works from high school to graduate work is welcome. Submissions can include photography, video, audio, poster, photomontage, creative nonfiction, interactive and multimedia.

To apply, please submit a brief description of and link to the creative work along with a biography.
Submissions can be entered through this online form:

Festival Symposium runs June 7-10,  2018

Applicants will receive notification of acceptance by May 18, 2018

For additional information please contact

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