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Volunteer Opportunity at Flex Program

The Flex Program is currently looking for volunteers to help out with the program. They have different film projects that could be of interest.

The Flex Program (Founded in 2014) is an arts education initiative that fosters positive growth among young people in difficult circumstances through mindful movement, creative storytelling, and Flex dance.

The Flex Program employs renowned dancers from local communities to develop dance routines with our students, promoting self-esteem, cooperation, and communication. They seek to transform physical energy into positive, non-verbal self-expression that offers an alternative to conflict. Creative development is likewise a key component of the Flex Program. Artists instruct and perform as company. It is their aim to sustain future efforts through income generated through these endeavors. As students mature, they are likewise welcomed to serve as instructors and company members.

Interested students please contact Ragnihild Bruland at

Click here for more information about the program.

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