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GIDEST Seminar with Jeanine Oleson, March 9

GIDEST Seminar

Jeanine Oleson
Friday, March 9, 12-1:30pm

Please join the Graduate Institute for Design, Ethnography & Social Thought in the GIDEST Lab, room 411, 63 Fifth Avenue, at 12pm on Friday, March 9, for a discussion with Jeanine Oleson of her project Conduct Matters.

Seminar participants are asked to prepare by viewing the images and the video linked in a PDF file and available for download at

Jeanine Oleson is the 2017-18 GIDEST Artist-in-Residence and an Assistant Professor of Photography at Parsons School of Design. An interdisciplinary artist, she works with images, materiality, and language which she forms into complex and humorous objects, images, videos, and performances. She has exhibited and performed at numerous venues, including the Hammer Museum, LA (2017); Commonwealth & Council, LA (2017); Coreana Museum, Seoul (2017); Atlanta Contemporary, Atlanta (2016); SculptureCenter, NY (2016); Pierogi, Brooklyn (2015); and the New Museum, NY (2014).

With Conduct Matters, Jeanine Oleson explores conduction as a material, political, musical, and ethical phenomenon in collaboration with an ensemble cast who take the production cycle of copper as the ground to examine communication, technology, and the sensory. This recent work of interrelated performances, objects, and videos is based in research on contemporary conditions of lived experience and the irreconcilable relationships between bodies, labor, resources, and art. With humor, pathos, and an interest in craft and industrial production, this project forms parafictions that are both absurd and dead serious.

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