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Students Invited to the First Ever US and China Joint TV & Film Conference in NYC with Oscar Nominees

GEIS 2018 will focus on communication and collaboration between China and the United States—the two largest global entertainment and media economies. China and the US are still struggling to create cross-cultural content due to a lack of communication and cultural understanding. Therefore, GEIS 2018 will bridge this gap with a two-day round table discussion for storytellers and producers from China and the US. Day 1 will discuss TV and Day 2 will discuss Film, with a VFX workshop, film screenings and a closing cocktail hour.


Industrial speakers and appearances include, but are not limited to:

Day 1. TV Series Panel:

  • Michael Lebensfeld, Managing Director from Ingenuity Studios
  • James Chen, Actor (The Walking Dead)
  • Cung Le, Actor (Into the Badlands) and Producer
  • Tou U, General Manager (USA) from Huace Media
  • Catherine Ling, Copyright Procurement Director from Beijing Hope Century Motion Pictures
  • Justin Nemeth, Moderator, NYU Cinema Studies & William Esper Studio Alumnus, Columbia MFA

Day 2. Film Panel:

  • Howard Rosenman, Producer of Call Me by Your Name
  • Nick Yang, EVP from Hunan TV/Tik Films (financing partner of Lionsgate film department including La La Land)
  • Godfrey Gao, Actor (The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones)
  • Jim Alexander, Moderator, Rotten Tomatoes Film Critic

Film Screening + Discussions:

  • (Day 1) Detective Chinatown 2 + Discussion with Director of Photography Jie Du

o   Chinese feature film produced and shot in New York City with box office sales exceeding 500 million USD in Mainland China

  • (Day 2) Our Times + Discussion with Director Frankie Chen

o   Box office sales exceeded 30 Million USD 10 days after release in Mainland China


Workshop with the amazing post-production team:

  • VFX: The Art of Collaboration presented by Ingenuity Studio (Michael Lebensfeld, Managing Director; Philip McGuire, Compositing Supervisor)

o   Get Out Post Production VFX company, Taylor Swift and Imagine Dragon Post Production Music Video Team

Discussion topics include, but are not limited to:

  • What are Chinese or American investors looking for in a project? What new trends/developments in the film industry are worth taking risks on financially?
  • How do you bridge the gap between American and Chinese filmmakers? How do you manage culture differences between American and Chinese filmmaking? Do cultural differences matter during the art of storytelling and production?
  • How do content preferences vary between Chinese and American viewers? What global content can you create to adapt to different markets? How can you still be a good storyteller while speaking to two different cultures?
  • How have new streaming platforms changed the landscape of viewership in the United States and China?



April 9 to April 10 at Manhattan Center at 305 W 34th St., New York, NY 10001

Visit for detailed schedule, ticketing information and to register for GEIS 2018


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