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ULC Adobe Photoshop Workshop, Tuesday April 3rd at 4pm

On Tuesday April 3rd from 4pm-5:30pm, the University Learning Center will be offering a workshop on Adobe Photoshop.  Students will go over the basic tools and functions of Adobe Photoshop CC, including setting up documents, workspaces, layers and editing images.  Students are strongly encouraged to bring a laptop with Adobe Illustrator CC already installed.

Please note that in the original poster the location for this workshop was listed as 66 W 12th St, Room 801.  However, please be aware that the location for this workshop has been changed to 6 E 16th St, Room 1103.  Please go here to reserve a space.  See the attached flyer for details, as well as our other flyer for the rest of the semester’s workshop offerings.

Flyers and details below

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