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Short Film “Ben Me Over” Selected for Ruff Cuts

Short Film “Ben Me Over” Selected for Ruff Cuts

SMS Alumna Lina Hagström’s short film “Ben Me Over” was selected for RUFF CUTS, a series of screening sessions at the New School of Media Studies.

“Ben Me Over” revolves around two friends, Emilia and Cesar, who share their experiences about dating in New York City only to realize that they have hooked up with the same guy. The central themes of the film are friendship and the differences between gay and straight dating cultures. The film was written by Andrés Bayona and Hagström, and it was shot in the fall of 2017.

“‘Ben Me Over’ is a movie that deals with themes and issues that many people can identify with. Dating is something that all of us have experienced at some point and can relate to, so our goal was to bring a fresh and hilarious take on modern New York dating, and to make it as real as possible”, expressed Andrés Bayona, who also produced the film.

The movie was selected and screened last April 13th, along with works by 12 filmmakers in Greenwich Village, NY. “It was an incredible experience to present the movie and to have a platform to discuss the project that took us almost a year to bring to the screen. It’s been a wonderful ride from start to finish and it feels incredible to talk about our vision and goals with talented filmmakers”, addressed Lina Hagström.

“Ben Me Over” stars Montana Robertson, Caleb Schaaf and Zacharias Wulff, and it was co-produced by Pia Kempe.

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