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TNS Event: “Cons and Scams: Their Place in American Culture”

The Center for Public Scholarship’s 37th Social Research conference “Cons and Scams: Their Place in American Culture,” will take place next Monday and Tuesday in the Theresa Lang Center (and feature Media Studies professor Noah Isenberg!).

Monday & Tuesday, April 23 – 24

37th Social Research Conference

Cons and Scams: Their Place in American Culture” will explore cons and scams in their many guises and what makes us vulnerable to them, with particular attention to the current political scene in the US.

Why is the “con” so pervasive in classic American fiction? What transforms us into “marks”? What are the circumstances that allow people to be conned at all?


*This event is free and open to the public*
Location for all sessions:
Theresa Lang Community and Student Center
Room I-202
55 W. 13th Street
(between Fifth and Sixth Avenue)
New York, NY

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