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SMS Alum Yael Bridge is fundraising for her movie!

We have some exciting news — we’re making a movie! But only with your help.

Socialism: An American Story will be a feature-length documentary about the resurgence of socialism in the United States, its vibrant and suppressed history, and why it might be our best hope of building a better world out of the misery of capitalism.

After all, not everyone can be won over by 3,000-word essays.

Steering the project is Yael Bridge, a talented filmmaker with years of experience in political filmmaking. She worked closely with Robert Reich to produce hundreds of viral videos on progressive policy, and Saving Capitalism, a documentary feature that premiered as a Netflix Original last fall. We’ve got some great footage shot already with socialists in office Lee Carter and Kshama Sawant, historian Eric Foner, and Oklahoma teachers on strike. But we can’t get this project off the ground without you. 
Today is the first day of our 30-day Kickstarter campaign to raise money so we can keep going. Can you please help us? Every donation helps, and we’ve got some fun rewards lined up for all our backers. If you know anyone who might be interested in the movie, let them know this is happening now!

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