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Heartwarming Romance Films This Year at #NYCIndieFF!

The Best Indie Films are Coming to NYC May 7 – 13

The 2018 NYC Independent Film Festival will present 250 indie films! We are excited to showcase our selection of romance films. In A Heartbeat, which took over the Internet last year, tells the sweet story of a closeted boy in love with another boy, while the visually mesmerizing Love Road shows two teens in love during a prom night.
Check out these standout films at this year’s Festival below!
USA | 2017 | Animation | 4 min | English 
Sherwin is an insecure middle school boy who has yet to come to terms with his sexuality. When he crosses paths with Jonathan, the most popular boy in school, Sherwin’s heart pop out of his chest to go after the boy of his dreams. Now Sherwin must chase after his own heart before it reveals his true feelings to Jonathan, and the entire student body.
Australia | 2017 | Narrative Super Short | 3 min | English 
It’s 1959. During a high school prom night, two teenagers leave the party to hang out in a car. They will face one of the most important experiences of their young life: making love for the first time. Suddenly, they are shot off to a wacky world and will ride on the road of love!
New York Premiere | USA | 2017 | Narrative Super Short | 7 min | English
KATE, a shy and introverted tween, enlists her precocious best friend MARIE to gather information on her distant crush ADAM. Discovering he likes strawberries, KATE crafts a love letter and includes what she thinks is a piece of strawberries candy. When she discovers the candy was actually a condom, the two best friends race to find ADAM before he discovers the embarrassing mistake.
 USA | 2017 | Animation | 4 min | English
Matt who has just had his heart broken and so was burned by his own flame. He is afraid to fall in love again and feel the pain of heart break once more; when his flame ignites for a new girl he meets, he tries desperately to douse his own fire. As luck would have it though, he runs into her everywhere and must eventually accept the flame inside of him and embrace a newfound love.
New York Premiere | Japan | 2017 | Narrative Super Short | 10 min | English
A lonely man falls in love with a shadow of woman appeared on the apartment’s wall.

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