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Labour Day Special 50% Discount for World Humanitarian Awards

To celebrate the Labour Day, the 4th World Humanitarian Awards is calling for all humanitarian filmmakers to submit their excellent works. Use this code in FilmFreeway to get a 50% discounted fee to submit to the World Humanitarian Awards: WHALABOUR50
This code is valid for 1 week (until May 8, 2018). CLICK HERE to submit.
If your film, you, or certain people around you has contributed to humanity, no matter how small, then this humanitarian award is for you. World Humanitarian Awards do not look for high profile figures only; they are also looking for “good Samaritan” who wants to spend much time, efforts, money, and creativity just to make this world a better place through films or other social works.
World Humanitarian Awards (WHA) is established to celebrate the United Nations World Humanitarian Day (August 19). This Festival strives to give recognition to people, who work and dedicate his/her life for the betterment of humanity. He/she could be anyone from any profession, from all age, and from any parts of the world. He/she may be an ordinary man/female or a national leader. The Festival values hard works labored for peace and humanity, reaching hunger souls crying for help. Our mission is to promote humanitarian issues and inspire others. Winning person profile will become Festival’s showcase based on their Curriculum Vitae (CV) if they apply to General category.
WHA is awarding Humanitarian Man of the Year, Humanitarian Woman of the Year, Humanitarian Platinum Award, Humanitarian Gold Award, and Humanitarian Silver Award for qualified submitters. They will not limit the awards to certain numbers. If a person or a film is qualified to the juries’ standard of humanity contributions in his/her respective fields, the person will get the recognition he/she deserves.
We warmly invite all our winners to the Award Ceremony in July 2018. Kings, sultans, queen, parliament members, notable guests, and artists from Nusantara will be present, adding the uniqueness and exclusive atmosphere.
During the occasion, the Festival will present physical awards to all attending winners.
Filmmakers, don’t miss your chance. Let’s inspire the world with your wonderful works.
CLICK HERE to submit through FilmFreeway, and enter the code: WHALABOUR50

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