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The 2018 NYC Independent Film Festival Presents 250 Indie Films this Weekend

The Best Indie Films are Coming to NYC on May 9

The 2018 NYC Independent Film Festival will present 250 indie films. Our selection below includes the hilarious comedy sketch Latino Vortex and the deeply moving documentary The Last Goldfish, which follows the filmmaker’s search for her lost family.

Latino Vortex

USA | 2017 | Short Comedy Sketch | 3 min | English 

A woman keeps losing track of her boyfriend when they attempt to leave a family party.

There’s something About My Sister

World Premiere | USA | 2017 | Short Comedy Sketch | 4 min | English

The trailer for a heartwarming new rom-com about dipping your toes… into the gene pool.

The Last Goldfish

Australia | 2017 | Documentary Feature | 1 hour 21 min | English

The Last Goldfish documents a daughter’s search for her lost family. Rich with archival images, this suspenseful and surprising story – stretching from Australia to Trinidad, North America to WWII Germany – reveals the impact of war and displacement across generations. Manfred Goldfish tries as hard as he can to hide from his family the trauma he has experienced. But his filmmaker daughter suspects there is more to the Goldfish tale than her father is willing to reveal. A gripping and deeply moving story of one’s person’s search for the story of her life.


New York Premiere | UAE, USA | 2017 | Narrative Feature | 1 hour 20 min | English

A brilliant but disturbed scientist decides to freeze his children alive, while he races against time to cure their deadly genetic disease by unlocking the secret of immortality encoded within the DNA of the Turritopsis jellyfish.

Eternal Something

North American Premiere | UK | 2017 | Experimental Short | 21 min | English

Eternal Something is an experimental music film comprised of hundreds of Youtube videos downloaded and composed over the period of one year. The idea is to capture the anxious reaction we all feel from too much freely available information at our fingertips, especially from use and accessibility of information on social media in our current generation. It doesn’t allow us peace and restrain, because we can’t disconnect, and so we’re constantly engaging and on tenterhooks and highlights the dark and negative aspects of technology and with it, humanity’s influence on society. The film is based on the music of Daniel Brandt’s album under the same name released in 2017 on Erased Tapes Records and is narrated by Canadian poet Beaver Sheppard.

Jamaica Man

New York Premiere | USA | 2017 | Documentary Feature | 1 hour 5 min | English

Jamaica Man is a subjective documentary profile of British expat Nigel Pemberton. A biographical picaresque, inspired narratively by Spalding Gray and visually by Slim Aarons, the film is a highly stylized and unconventional portrait of a raconteur nearing the end of his life.

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