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Internship Opportunity: Be Part of the Setle Team

Company Name: Setle
Company Owner / Point of Contact: Daniel Cervenka
Phone: 347 693 0415

Deadline to Apply: May 31, 2018
Desired Start Date: June 1, 2018
Compensation: Compensation is negotiable
Duration: 3 months
Hours Per Week: 10 – 20
Credit: Credit
Semester: Summer
International Applicants: Yes
Open To: Student / Alum
School: All Schools
Major: All Majors

Job Description
Setle is an online platform which lets people securely send and sell their digital files. They are here for everybody, but they started Setle because they ran into payment problems while working as freelancers in NYC and they think things can be done better.
They are looking for a talented and enthusiastic New School Student (I am a soon to be Graduate of the New School with masters in Media Management) to fill the ranks of our team over the summer 2018 period. They can do this for credit, no credit, or they can talk about a summer stipend as well. They want somebody who is a creative media maker, someone who loves selling ideas to people and can deliver on time and budget.
Below is a description of related internship tasks. It’s ok if you don’t hit all of the categories, they are here to help and assist you with learning new tools and skills. They will provide training and mentorship in areas that you are less familiar with to help you grow and learn over the summer.

• Participate in brainstorms and create innovative ideas for campaigns.
• Strategic planning and budgeting for campaign development
• Develop video/photo/writing content for our social media and Medium blog posts
• Familiarity with Social Media platforms – Facebook / Instagram
• Distribute and monitor content on our Social Media channels
• Basic knowledge of analytics on social media platforms
• Social media analysis for client and competitor audience, and help provide insights
and recommendations.

How to apply:
Apply here
Submit cv + portfolio link to
*Submissions without portfolio will not be accepted*
Opportunity for long-term paid employment after 3 month internship period.

Ideal hire:
• Eager to learn new things
• Team player
• Experience with content production ( Video / Photo or Graphic Design)
• Experience with Adobe CC Suite
• Strong writing abilities
• Active familiarity with social platforms, especially Facebook, Instagram
• Strong familiarity of Google Suite
• Excellent time-management skills
• Outstanding communication, interpersonal, & problem-solving skills.

About the Employer

Setle is an online platform which lets users securely send and sell digital files to anyone, anywhere.

Last decade marks a period of exponential growth for both the digital sector and the trend in independent contracting. The number of ‘freelancers’ has increased from 7.4M in 2007, to 57.3M a decade later. This trend brought many new opportunities but also new risks and problems.

The discrepancies of the current system cause unnecessary friction which contributes to 71% of all independent contractors experiencing problems with late and non-payments. Clients, employers, customers, and businesses experience wasteful hours of administrative work related to the processing of product deliveries form independent contractors. There is a significant efficiency loss on both sides of the transaction due to the need for employment of various desynchronized platforms. This also leads to information loss and miss communication. Overall, the current process demands a disproportional amount of time to what it needs.

Setle provides a synchronized and seamless solution for digital file transfer and payment. This core mechanism is accompanied by additional features such as, automatic invoicing, flexible payment methods, a preview of files on the platform, and many more, which further aid with the reduction of unnecessary time requirements during the final stages of product delivery. There are four steps to deliver via Setle:

Set terms of delivery: Including transaction name, email address of the recipient, price-point, preferred payment method, and a short description/message.

Upload, Secure, Share: When files are uploaded, they are immediately locked behind a paywall at the predetermined price point, and are ready to be shared.

Review or Comment: Recipient receives a secure link, through which they can review the terms, price and the files directly on Setle. If changes are needed, comments can be added and immediately associated with each file. At this stage, files remain secured and can not be downloaded by the recipient.

Invoice, Payment, Close: Payment can be processed through Bank Transfer, Credit Card or PayPal. Once authorized, Setle releases the files  to the receiver, and directly transfers funds to the sender. Both users can download a Transaction report, highlighting all interactions between both parties, together with an invoice, for safe keeping.

Payments on Setle work on a peer-peer basis which reduce the payout time by three days at half of the fees, compared to the standard model. The platform offers several layers of security ensuring full protection in areas of personal privacy and IP protection. For IP protection, automatic watermarks, encrypted access to files, and lower resolution of previews are a standard in our prevention of copyright infringement before rightful delivery. Setle provides automated reminders to alleviate the burden of sending them manually and to support and ensure timely processing.

The entire suite of features and solutions is available through a free account and no limits on the number of transactions. Users pay a flat fee of 2%, have a limit of 2GB of storage and a limit of 1 week to download files on each delivery.

Setle is a member of the Parsons Elab incubator. The Alley co-working space provided us with a free 1- year membership for our team. We have established a relationship with The New School, a leading creative university in NYC. We have received a $20,000 grant from Google Startup program to propel us further, and we also get free legal work through our partnership with the Tech Clinic, a program run by the Cardozo Law School.

At Setle, they believe things can be done better, safer, and faster through our system and we are determined to deliver the most reliable solution to help to prevent time-loss and help with risk mitigation to ensure an efficient future of the digital economy.

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