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REMINDER: Last U.S Fulbright Program Information Meeting TODAY

If you plan to apply for the Fulbright 2019-2020 cycle, this is the time to do so! All SPE students/alumni applying for this cycle must identify themselves to Vanessa Reich by no later than July 23rd in order to apply through the school. Today is the last workshop:
Remaining University-wide Fulbright workshop
Fulbright Grant-Writing Workshop
Thursday May 10th

You can find the recording to the webinar Vanessa Reich conducted for SPE students by clicking here. If you wish to meet with her about Fulbright, please review this webinar and the Fulbright website before the meeting.

*Note about eligibility: In order to be eligible for a U.S Fulbright grant, you must be a U.S citizen at the time of application. Permanent residents are not eligible. Applicants must also have a conferred Bachelor’s degree by the start of the grant.
SPE Internal Fulbright Deadlines
*Priority deadline for essays to the SPE FPA (me) for feedback:        Monday July 9th
*Deadline to identify to me (SPE FPA) that you are applying             Monday July 23rd
for the 2019/2020 cycle
*Deadline to reconfirm you will be applying (via email)              Between August 1 and August 13
 to the SPE FPA (me)/start Embark online application:
*Final Drafts of Essays due to FPA:(essays must be in final,             August 20
polished form. No drafts)
*Campus Committee Meetings                                                       Early-mid September
*Campus Deadline (all application materials must be uploaded           September 18
and submitted)
**NOTE: If you wish to meet with Vanessa and haven’t reached out for an appointment, she will not be able to meet with you until the week of May 21st
Important Note: All potential SPE applicants will be required to re-confirm their intention to apply to Vanessa via email between August 1st and August 13th.

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