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Register Now for Fake News Horror Show! 

Registration is open for Fake News Horror Show!June 7th and 8th in Downtown Brooklyn.

Misinformation and computational propaganda are already a problem. New technologies may make things exponentially worse. The Fake News Horror Show! will explore worst case scenarios.

New technologies are making it possible to generate new and more insidious forms of propaganda and misinformation. The only way to address the problem is to understand what is possible. On Thursday June 7th and Friday June 8th, the Fake News Horror Show! will convene researchers, digital media experts and technologists, and those concerned with the political and social implications of computational propaganda to imagine the worst. Picture a science fair of terrifying propaganda tools- some real and some imagined, but all based on plausible technologies.

Join NYC Media Lab at Fake News Horror Show! for 30+ emerging media and technology demonstrations; keynotes and presentations from industry and research experts; hands-on workshops; and a series of panel discussions that explore these themes and more.

This event has a suggested donation of $50. Your donation will help NYC Media Lab develop further programs and initiatives in and around the themes of technology, media & democracy. Register now as a Fake News Horror Show! Sponsor to show your support. 

Find more information on the Fake News Horror Show! website. 

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