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First Call for World Peace Awards

This is the first call for World Peace Awards. World Peace Awards is now ready to receive submission and calling for all the peacemakers or filmmakers who makes films and documentaries about peace and inspirational people who work to build peace.
Spread the words and let them become an inspiration!
You can submit yourself, or people you know, living or dead.
About World Peace Awards

Our mission is to promote peace and humanitarian issues and inspire others.


We accept inspirational film and documentary about peace or humanitarian issues, or conflict solving, or other matters in relating to peace.

Submit yourself, or people you know, living or dead who is a peacemaker. CV and other supporting documentation or related information like photos, clipping, or films are suggested.
Documentary Film
Documentary film at any length about peace or biography of any peacemaker.
Feature film
Narrative feature film with duration more than 60 minutes.
Short film
A short narrative film with film duration <60 minutes about humanity issues.
Package of five:
Directing, cinematography, editing, script-writing, film performance, leading actress, sound, production design, costume design, music, etc (separate awards).


1. Through Film Festivals Alliance (FFA)
Filmmakers are encouraged to submit through Film Festivals Alliance (FFA) and receive the benefit from the Money Back Guarantee Program.
CLICK HERE to submit through FFA.

2. Through FilmFreeway
CLICK HERE to submit. It’s still early bird deadline, which mean it is now still offering the lowest submission price.

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