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Feature Film Seeking Students – Various Roles

Details on the project: Hanan Harchol is shooting a feature length film this summer entitled About a Teacher, which documents the first four years of a film teacher’s experience in a New York City public high school.

To participate, students/PA’s would be asked to reserve the following classrooms for use the last two weeks in July and all of August. Most of the filming would need to take place in one single large computer lab/classroom. We would also need two or three additional classrooms and one or two hallways for some additional scenes (although those additional scenes could be completed in a week or two).

Harchol is specifically reaching out to New School Media students to work as production assistants. They would also provide meals and a certificate of insurance for our production. This is a tremendous opportunity to receive a credit on a feature film and gain valuable experience.

Any students who are interested in working on this project and can assist in securing the locations we need should contact our Unit Production Manager, Leila Louhaichy, at and put in the subject line: Filming at the New School. More information about the project can be found at

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