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Shannon Mattern Presents at eyeo, Penn, Princeton, Oxford

Media Studies faculty member Shannon Mattern was invited to speak at eyeo, the high-profile art, data, and creative technology festival held annually in Minneapolis. She shared new research on hardware stores as social infrastructure and sites of vernacular organization; this work will later be published in Places Journal, where Shannon is a columnist. She was also invited to deliver keynote addresses at the Princeton-Weimar Summer School for Media Studies, where she talked about the sounds of logistical media on June 18, and at the University of Oxford, UK, on June 28, where she’ll help to launch the new digital | visual | cultural research program in the School of Geography and the Environment. In addition, she was invited to share her research on knowledge infrastructures at the Civic Infrastructure Summit at the University of Pennsylvania on June 15, and she published an essay on ecological approaches to urban planning in a broadsheet celebrating the “Work of Wind: Air, Land, Sea” exhibition at the Blackwood Gallery at the University of Toronto.

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