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Videographer Needed – Union Health Center

Union Health Center is a nationally recognized patient centered medical home where primary care providers, specialists and other professionals serve the health care needs of union members, their families, retirees and other members of the community. Our mission is to provide and coordinate excellent health care services to a diverse population. Our goals are to improve the health of our patients, to use resources wisely and to provide a positive experience for patients of all backgrounds.

Union Health Center would like to create two healthcare videos catered towards patients.

Each video would be approximately 10 minutes in length.

Video 1: Meal Preparation by Nutritionist

  • Nutritionist demonstrating the preparation of a recipe and explaining the health benefits found in the ingredients being used
  • Discussing the best preparation methods for food

Video 2: Motivational Teaching

  • Health coach teaching a instructing a patient on chronic condition management

The student who will be assisting us with this project will have to bring their own equipment such as a video camera, lighting, microphones and any additional equipment necessary to capture visual and sound for the videos. We would like them to also assist with the editing and production of the final video product.

The student is welcome to use the video to build their portfolio or as a school project. Union Health Center will also provide a written letter of recommendation for the study if needed.

If there are any costs associated with obtaining equipment for the project, these costs may be discussed with the health center for consideration.

Contact Information:

Natalie Castella

(212) 812-3553

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