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First Call for Photo & Film International Film Festival

This is the First Calling for all filmmakers and photographers to submit to a unique photo and film international festival. It’s just open again. Take the opportunity to submit with the lowest rate.
INTERNATIONAL FILM AND PHOTOGRAPHY FESTIVAL (IFPF) is one of the members of a big festival consortium which aim to help promote the goals of the United Nations in celebrating international days of tolerance, women, anti-discrimination, peace, youth, family, humanitarian, human rights, health, environment, disability, etc.
IFPF encourages professionals, cinematographers, hobbyists, smartphone filmmakers and photographers from all over the world to submit their photos. The festival accepts feature and short film, and documentary (any length), and we welcome ambitious newcomers to star their excellent films.


Film Categories: We accept film from all genres.

• Feature Narrative
International feature film over 60 minutes in length.
• Documentary Feature
International documentary feature over 60 minutes in length.
• Short Film
Short films narratives with a runtime of above 4 minutes up to 59 minutes.
• Short Documentary
International documentary short with a run time of 4 minutes up to 59 minutes.
• Rising Star (newcomer & student)
Newcomers and students for all the above categories are welcomed. They must state that the movie is his or her third movie (or under) on his/her application.
• Editing
A film with excellent editing in short/feature documentaries/short narrative/feature film.
• Directing
Best director in short/feature documentaries/short narrative/feature film.
• Acting (actor)
Best man performance in short narrative/feature film.
• Acting (actress)
Best female performance in short narrative/feature film.
• Cinematography
Best cinematography in short/feature documentaries/short narrative/feature film.
• Story & Script-writing
Documentaries/narrative films with strong/moving captive story, excellent flow, and vibrant dialogues.
• Music & Song
Documentaries/narrative films with outstanding illustrated movie and or theme song.

Photos Categories:
For Professional / Hobbyist / Smartphone Photographer:
Single Image or Photo Series (a series of photos consist of 2-10 photos with the same theme).

Selected winning photos will be exhibited during the Festival, become our showcase on the main page of our website, and get nationwide recognition through our press releases and press conferences.
Take your chance to reach your inspiring films to the larger audience. Tens of thousands have watched the film screenings, and hundreds of media articles have been written about the festivals every year.


1. Through Film Festivals Alliance (FFA)
Filmmakers are encouraged to submit through Film Festivals Alliance (FFA) and receive the benefit from the Money Back Guarantee Program.
CLICK HERE to submit through FFA.

2. Through FilmFreeway
CLICK HERE to submit. It’s still Opening Deadline, which means it is now still offering the lowest submission price.

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