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DECADE OF FIRE, a feature-length documentary film about the fires that burned down the Bronx in the 1970’s, is seeking a part-time Social Media/ Audience Engagement Intern to support our producing team as we prepare for the release of our film this fall.

Film Synopsis:

As Vivian Vazquez was growing up in the 1970s, she witnessed her tight-knit, South Bronx community become a burned-out ruin. Rampant government machinations and regressive social policies transformed once thriving neighborhoods into slums– victims to the impacts of urban renewal, white flight, redlining and more.  As an epidemic of fires raged through her neighborhood, local and national officials did nothing. “Expendable” people lost their homes. Lives were lost. Resilient, working class Black and Puerto Rican neighbors had to fend for themselves, establishing cooperatives and a sweat equity movement to rebuild their homes and blocks. In DECADE OF FIRE, Vivian returns to uncover the lasting effects of this tragedy: “What happened to our homes, what happened to our neighborhood, what happened to us?” This ‘people’s history’ of the fires rejects the stigma and blame placed upon the community and uncovers a story of injustice, survival and hope that is vital for communities on the brink today.

Film trailer:

INTERN WORK: Develop a social media campaign across all platforms, activating and building on our existing audience. Make use of archival materials from the film, news articles, and more to offer a dynamic and engaging SM presence. Do targeted outreach to build audiences in cities where we plan to screen the film and generate awareness about the film and screenings. Highlight the work of our organizational partners across the country in a systematic and thoughtful way. Help to create a tracking system to direct people to our website to sign up for our mailing list so they can be engaged over time and alerted when we are planning to screen in their area. Assist in the making and maintenance of this mailing list database. Contribute to thinking on cross-platform branding and design scheme. 

Depending on interest, this position could be expanded to include training and minor responsibilities in other areas of audience engagement and could potentially continue through the fall.

Hours and stipend to be determined and adjusted based on experience.

We are seeking someone who has experience across all social media platforms (especially Facebook, Instagram and Twitter), is interested in social justice and shares our passion for connecting this story/ history to urgent grassroots struggles for housing, economic and racial justice across the country, today.

Please send your resume, tell us about yourself and explain why you are interested in the position.

Send your information to:

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