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Videographer wanted


I’m Christina, a director at Lumos Debate is looking to hire a film student to shoot and edit a promotional video that tells the story and mission of the company. ( We are a summer debate camp that focuses on helping seventh through tenth graders develop their speaking, presentation, and argumentation skills. Most importantly, we guide students towards learning to think critically with creativity and open-mindedness. Our philosophy is to redesign education in a way that caters to every child’s unique thought processes learning style. The promotional video should capture the spirit of Lumos’ mission- because of that, film students are given full creative reign over creating a video that conveys our story.

Filming would be completed over a two day period (one for shots of debating and activities, and another day for testimonials and field day events). Location is TBD, and dates are flexible (between August 1-24th). Call or text 413-505-0398 for more information, or email me at

Please contact ASAP (before  Aug 1st) if you are interested! Prospective hirees are encouraged to prepare a brief concept board/visual presentation that showcases their ideas. Pay is negotiable.

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