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Call for Submissions: From Script to Pre-Production

This lab is for women writer-directors who are ready to make narrative features but need some help putting together pitch packages. Each filmmaker will have written and directed at least one narrative short that showcases her as a director and have written a feature length narrative script that’s ready for production on a low budget. She should be able to work cooperatively and benefit from a collaborative process. The group will be small – 6-8 participants – so that everyone can be familiar with all the projects and we can help each other as we work our way through the often overwhelming task of setting up a feature. 

Many of us are trained and experienced artists but lack the business experience needed to make independent low budget features. This lab will help fill that gap in three ways: 

• our curriculum organizes the process of building presentations.
• we provide mentorship and guest experts.
• we work together as a group, helping one another through this often lengthy and challenging experience. 

A woman who has come through this lab will have created loglines, synopses, pitches and lookbooks – she’ll be able to “sell” her project. She’ll have researched tax havens, developed preliminary budgets and created top sheets – her “numbers” will have been vetted. And she will have a website and reel – her “audience” will be able to learn about her and her project. In other words, she’ll be ready to meet producers and investors. 

We are looking for writer-directors who enjoy working in a group setting. This isn’t for everyone. We meet every Friday night for three hours from mid January through May. It’s a lot of work. Participants will have to roll up their sleeves and help one another. Think carefully before you apply. 

Submissions opened June 25th. The FINAL Deadline is August 24th. Applicants must submit a narrative short they’ve written and directed and the completed feature script they plan to package in the lab. Finalists will be contacted in September for an interview and for a recommendation from a film professional. Selections will be made in November.Participants will receive copies of the participating projects December 1st so that all scripts can be read and assignments completed by the first meeting mid January 2019. Sessions will be held at NYWIFT every Friday through May and intermittently through the following fall for select filmmakers. 

Application Fees: Late Deadline fees: $75 for NYWIFT members, $100 for non-members. While there is no cost for this lab, participants must be NYWIFT members in good standing. (If selected, non-members must join NYWIFT to participate.)

This is a serious commitment and entails a great deal of work so again, think carefully before applying. 

“Late Deadline” is August 24, 2018. ($75 for members, $100 for non-members) 




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