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Call for Papers and Reviewers: International Journal of Online Graduate Education

Call for Papers & Reviewers

The International Journal of Online Graduate Education (IJOGE) welcomes scholarly research for and by higher education stakeholders, including students, faculty members, administrators, practitioners, researchers, employers, and policymakers. They also seek reviewers for the journal. This journal published peer-reviewed articles on topics relating to the master’s and doctoral levels of online education. There are no publication fees and all articles are open source. The IJOGE is not a predatory journal and aims to uphold the highest levels of research ethics and integrity.

To learn more about IJOGE, visit their site here.

If you have questions about the suitability of your research for the journal or wish to be a reviewer, contact Dr. David Ison, Editor at

David Ison, PhD| Professor, Graduate School; Editor, International Journal of Graduate Online Education (iJOGE)

O: 503.545.8477 | E:

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