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Introducing 421 Trax: Original Music Website for Student Projects

421 Trax’s parent company, ICR Advertising Inc, located in Evansville IN, had a need for original music beds to produce their commercials. They found that it was very costly to buy and use music for their projects, and saw a need to create their own music. ICR Owner Joe Blair Manor just that, and he has created over 1,000 original 2-minute music beds in an array of genres. New “trax” are added weekly.

They started the idea when they had 421 trax completed and are excited to roll out the music to the students and university departments who may have a need for inexpensive music.

Their price is $421 per year with unlimited downloads. Our second pricing option is a monthly subscription per month. All songs can be previewed on and, once downloaded, can be edited for any project length.

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