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Call for Undergraduate Work: On Narrative

CFP For Undergraduate Work Process: On Narrative

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Process is currently accepting submissions for its next issue, On Narrative. They conceive of “narrative” broadly, as anything pertaining to the way people tell stories, in a range of settings and with varying degrees of formality. Stories have a unique role in human cultures and a particular relationship to emotional life, mental processes, and spiritual practices. While narratives have the power to unite societies and heal people, they can also be used to promote injustice and violence. Visit their website for more information about CFP.

DEADLINE: Monday, October 8, 2018

Meet their new board members:

Elizabeth Boyle and Eric Morel

Want to be their next new board member?

Process: JMUS is currently expanding their board and they’d like to hear from you. One of the editorial goals for the 2018-2019 academic year is to welcome new board members form around the world. They are especially interested in new areas of disciplinary expertise. To connect and find out more please e-mail them:

Help Support Process

Are you inspired by the work of their student authors? Do you want to help support the Process mission, their editorial board, and design team? Good news: you can now donate directly to Process JMUS

List of 2018-2019 editorial goals:

  • Expand editorial board to new areas of disciplinary expertise
  • More awards and scholarship opportunities for undergraduate authors
  • Publish a special issue highlighting the undergraduate work at a specific institution and special topic

Read their University of Washington special issue: On Equity


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