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First Call for Africa Asia Festival of Cinema

Dear Filmmakers,

This is the first call for Africa Asia Festival of Cinema.

Africa Asia Festival of Cinema invites filmmakers, traveler, and filmmaking lovers from Africa or Asia, or African or Asian directors, or directors who were filming in Africa or Asia, or choosing a theme or topic in relating to Africa or Asia.

Africa Asia Festival of Cinema is a member of the World Festival of Cinema film festivals group wishes to celebrate the world of filmmaking from all continents or directed by a filmmaker coming from that region. The goals are to create awareness of outstanding directors, producers, artists, and other filmmaking talents. Both micro-budget films and commercial films are welcomed to target to wider audiences.



Action, Adventure, Biography, Crime, Drama, Mystery, Romance, Sport, Musical, War, Family, Comedy, Fantasy, Thriller, History, Horror, Animation, Science Fiction

Film length:

Feature Film/ Documentary: A film with a running time that equals or exceeds 50 minutes in length (including opening and end credits)

Shorty Film/ Documentary: A film with a running time that is less than 50 minutes (including opening and end credits)

Documentary film: A work of non-fiction

Feature/ short film: A work of fiction, including mockumentary submission


African Documentary Short

Asian Documentary Short

African Documentary Feature

Asian Documentary Feature

African Short Film

Asian Short Film

African Feature Film

Asian Feature Film

Non-Narrative (Experimental) Film

Music Video


December 2018. All winners and accepted filmmakers and members are welcomed on the Awards Night. The Festival will acknowledge attending filmmakers with physical awards according to their winning.


Through FilmFreeway.

CLICK HERE to submit through FilmFreeway

Filmmakers can also submit through Film Festivals Alliance (FFA) and receive the benefit from the Money Back Guarantee Program (2 more chances to submit through FFA before being refunded).

CLICK HERE to submit through FFA.

Submit now. The Festival is still at the Earlybird deadline.

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