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SMS Alumna Lina Hagström’s Short Film “Ben Me Over” to be Aired on Canal U This Fall!

“Ben Me Over”, a short film that revolves around friendship and dating in New York, will make its world premiere this fall on Canal U in Mexico.
The Hispanic network is operated by Televisa, the largest media company in the Spanish-speaking world based on its market capitalization and is a major participant in the international entertainment business.

Shot in Brooklyn, NYC, “Ben Me Over” follows the story of Emilia and Cesar, two best friends who explore and enjoy their lives in New York City. As a key plot device, Emilia and Cesar share stories about their dating experiences that deal with straight, gay, and bisexual relationships, expanding the realm of LGBT cinema. “Ben Me Over” is directed by Lina Hagström, a Filmmaker and Co-Founder of Pialina Productions, the company that produced the film. “The film is about friendship, the differences between gay and straight dating, and how to navigate in those two worlds,” stated Hagström. Pia Kempe, Producer and Co-Founder of Pialina Productions continued: “as soon as we had the story together, we knew that it would be a perfect fit for Pialina Productions, which specializes in independent productions.”

The production achieves an interesting intimacy between the characters, who openly share their thoughts on navigating the dating scene in a fast paced city like New York. Andrés Bayona, Producer and Co-Writer of the film, identified an opportunity to present the film to a Hispanic audience: “modern audiences have become increasingly more receptive towards LGBT stories, which bring daily truths to the mainstream consciousness. The film offers an interesting take on contemporary dating that will appeal to viewers regardless of their sexuality,” assured Bayona. Canal U, previously known as Unicable, was launched in 1996 and features news, lifestyle, pop culture, and entertainment aimed at Hispanics, primarily targeting a female audience. The network is based in Mexico City.

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