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Volunteer Opportunity: Documentary Filmmaker Needed to Work on Anniversary Project for Memorial Presbyterian Church

The Memorial Presbyterian Church in Roosevelt, NY is seeking a documentary filmmaker for their 100th anniversary memorial project.

A little on the project:

“This Nassau County town is the one that spawned several celebrities, namely actors, Charlie and Eddie Murphy, basketball star, Dr. J (Julius Erving), radio personality Howard Stern and performers Flava Flav and Chuck D. of Public Enemy.  Our Church has been a part of Roosevelt’s growth and has reflected the diversity of its community residents.  We are proud of the role we have played in the spiritual growth of our members and of those whom we have influenced over these one hundred years.

We would like to present a documentary-style film that will present the history of our Church and how it has grown from a small congregation of “willing workers” to a positive, productive presence in our community.

We are … develop[ing] a project that could produce such a film history, complete with interviews of those individuals who lived through some of the ups and downs of our world and remember what it was like through their experience.  We know that the survivors have vivid recollections and that they only have to be asked for them to share their remembrances with the world.  They, however, are aging and it is imperative that they make their contributions while they are able to continue to access their personal histories.”

Students who would like more information about the project should contact:

Dr. L.V. Monroe

(516) 297-7712

You can check out their website here.

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