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First Call for West Java International Film Festival

First Call for West Java International Film Festival

Welcome to Sunda Land, the place that has an ancient history that brings our memory back to the Atlantis era–where some scientist say that Sundaland is the gate to the land-lost Atlantis. The province is well known for its historical places and ancient kingdoms (the Cirebon, Banten sultanate, and the Tarumanegara and Pajajaran kingdoms). Their architectural, culture and tradition are still existed and have shaped who the Sundanese people are now.

West Java International Film Festival would love to introduce the depth of our culture to the world and to enhance the opportunity for filmmakers of tomorrow.

West Java International Film Festival warmly welcomes all passionate filmmakers, animators, artist, and performers to soar their masterpiece to the international world.

The Festival hopes to introduce the uniqueness of the tradition to the international world, as well as exchanges the art and culture with filmmakers.


They are searching for films and documentaries about traditional music, heroes and heroine, tradition, art, culture, literature, fable, ancient stories, ancient kingdoms, war, and touching films about humbleness, kindness, and inspirational films and documentaries. They hope to see films with excellent cinematography, exposing the art of filmmaking, but also trigger to watch unique and experimental ideas. International movies with various spoken language are welcomed but must be added with English subtitles.

International Feature Film:
Feature-length narratives with a minimum running time of 60 minutes.

International Short Film:
Short narrative films with a run time of 59 minutes and below.
Documentary Feature:
Documentaries with  a minimum running time of 60 minutes.
Documentary Short:
Runtime of 59 minutes and below
They are welcoming newcomers in the movie industry. The film director must state that the movie is his or her third movie (or under) on his/her application.
Any technique of animation, with a maximum duration of 125 minutes.
Music videos under 5 minutes in length
Art & Performances:
Theatrical performances, drama, pantomime, art performances, opera, dance, any kind of art exhibition
Production Categories of Choice:
Various film production categories and performances such as directing, cinematography, editing, story, acting, sound, production design, costume design, music, costumes, etc.
The festival will be held in December 2018. West Java International Film Festival will give awards for Overall Winner, the Platinum Star of West Java Award, the Golden Star of West Java Award, the Silver Star of West Java Award, and Special Jury Awards (if necessary). All accepted filmmakers are honored at the Awards Ceremony.
Through FilmFreeway.
CLICK HERE to submit through FilmFreeway
Filmmakers can also submit through Film Festivals Alliance (FFA) and receive the benefit from the Money Back Guarantee Program (2 more chances to submit through FFA before being refunded).
CLICK HERE to submit through FFA.

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