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Venture Lab Application Deadline Extended to Wednesday, 10/24

Venture Lab Application Deadline Extended to Wednesday, October 24 at 5PM

For more information and to apply, visit this website. Any questions? Contact

Venture Lab Course:

The Venture Lab builds on the Lean Launchpad® curriculum taught at Berkeley, Stanford, and several other universities, but has been adapted for social impact ventures. The course incorporates business model development, customer discovery, and design thinking to support students on their path toward sustainable revenue generation and growth. Participants come away with the tools needed to plan for financial sustainability, address critical societal challenges, and demonstrate the potential for scalable impact. Acceptance to the Venture Lab course is through a competitive application process in early October. Preference is given to students who have already started developing their venture concept, have formed a team of two or more people, and are prepared to validate their business model in anticipation of launching their venture soon after graduation. The Venture Lab is an elective course for the Graduate Minor in Impact Entrepreneurship.

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