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Open Call: Design and Develop AR for Media and Telecom Industries

New opportunities with Spectrum and Associated Press reflect $40,000 in awards for NYC faculty and students. 

An area of expertise for NYC Media Lab is supporting innovation in augmented reality technologies. This fall, we’ve announced two open calls for faculty and student funding with Spectrum and Associated Press, to focus on building next-generation AR applications.

With Spectrum, you’ll imagine how customer service will change alongside the rise of mobile AR. With Associated Press, you’ll work closely with expert journalists to engineer new forms of engagement with health and science news.

On Monday, November 5, 2018 (1:00PM-2:00PM), NYC Media Lab will host a special AR Open House to share important details about these opportunities. The info session will be held at the NYU Leslie eLab, with the option to dial in virtually. Please RSVP at the link below; we hope to meet you soon!

Join NYC Media Lab’s AR Open House
Read on for details about the open calls, with links to apply… 

Spectrum: Exploring AR Applications for Customer Service
$5,000 award per selected team
Application Deadline: 
Friday, November 9

AR/VR technologies have the potential to grow and enable more valuable interactions between enterprises and their customers.

Current business applications of AR extend beyond creating new retail experiences designed to optimize in-store conversions and offer in-store experiences at home, and include significant cost savings opportunities through applications in post-purchase customer engagement. Accordingly, the global market for AR products are expected to grow by 80 percent to $165 billion by 2024.

The selected team will work with Spectrum to address the following challenge questions, develop a proof of concept, and make recommendations on what might be possible in the near term. How can we apply AR technologies to improve how Spectrum interacts with its customers and troubleshoots, for example, around the self-install kit for wireless routers and modems? 

How can AR technology better visualize a customers’ internet connectivity? 

Apply Now: Spectrum AR

Associated Press: Visualizing Health and Science News in AR
$20,000 award for 1 team of researchers
Application Deadline: Friday, November 9

New mobile augmented reality software platforms such as ARKit and ARCore present the opportunity to rapidly prototype new applications, test user experience design, and explore the efficacy of this new medium for informing and engaging users.

NYC Media Lab and Associated Press will explore the visualization of health and science news in AR by creating and testing prototypes with users and publishing the results. 

Working with journalists and digital media experts at the Associated Press, the selected team of graduate student AR developers and designers will develop an app to engage users on health and science topics. Through iterative design and feedback, the Associated Press will provide technical, design and journalistic mentorship to the university participants.

Apply Now: Associated Press

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