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First Call for Jakarta International Film & Art Festival

This is the first call for Jakarta International Film & Art Festival (JIFAF) and the submission fee is still at the lowest level. Submit your work before it hikes.

Jakarta International Film & Art Festival tries to preserve and maintain the good old value in the traditional world and to make the best benefit of the advanced civilization to bring the betterment for humanity.

We are searching for inspiring films and documentaries that touch the underlying culture of human beings, about human civilization, a day to day experience in modern or ancient society, and about arts and music in any form. We are looking for everything concerning human being, and the boundariless creativity to shape our culture to become better.

We are also looking for people who make art in any form and people who contribute to society through art and culture to shine in our Festival.

We invite all filmmakers, artists, and newcomer from around the globe to submit and participate in our Festival, and make films become a tool to create a world with no boundaries.


A. Documentary Short: a documentary film with a duration not longer than 50 minutes
B. Feature Documentary: a documentary film with a length above 50 minutes
C. Short Film: a narrative film with a duration less than 50 minutes
D. Feature Film: a narrative film with a duration longer than 50 minutes
E. Rising star, open for all newcomers and film students. Films and documentaries could be at any length.
F. Music and Video: a documentary or well-edited record about music performance, video clip, etc.
G. General: other forms of art

– Films could be from any year.
– International films that are not in English must have hardcoded English subtitles or dub in English.


– The Festival will give a winning trophy for the overall winner.
– Winners are invited to come to the Awards Ceremony in Indonesia.
– Attending winners in Indonesia will receive winner sash, a token of appreciation, and physical awards.
– Awards of Excellence Winners will compete for Best Film.


Through FilmFreeway.
CLICK HERE to submit through FilmFreeway

Filmmakers can also submit through Film Festivals Alliance (FFA) and receive the benefit from the Money Back Guarantee Program (2 more chances to submit through FFA before being refunded).
CLICK HERE to submit through FFA.

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