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Two SMS Documentary Studies Certificate Alums Have Work Featured at DOC NYC 2018

Two Documentary Studies Certificate Alums have work being featured at DOC NYC (November 8-15, 2018). 

Igor Myakotin, Documentary Studies ’16, cinematographer on Silicone Soul.
Brian R. A. Miele, Documentary Studies ’12, an associate editor & post-production supervisor on Cracked Up.
Romance traditionally has been the domain of humans. Silicone Soul, however, shows it is possible between men and the life-size dolls. Disarmingly candid interviews highlight the bonds formed between synthetic beings and lonely souls who have struggled to find the “one,” while other subjects profiled reveal unexpected attachments to eerily lifelike dolls. Melody Gilbert’s film sensitively explores the meaning of and desire for companionship and emotional connection.
With courage and, of course, humor, master impressionist, comedian and Saturday Night Live veteran Darrell Hammond reveals his dark history of child abuse. Brilliant in the spotlight, Darrell was misdiagnosed and wrongly medicated for decades, struggling with drugs, alcohol and nightmarish flashbacks. Michelle Esrick’s poignant film illuminates the devastating effects of childhood trauma and the importance of setting repressed memories free. She artfully balances humor and tragedy to craft a beautiful story of hope and resilience.

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