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DCTV Presents 1999 with Samara Grace Chadwick

DCTV Presents 1999

Mon 11/19, 7pm, DCTV

87 Lafayette St NYC 10013

A filmmaker returns to her hometown to uncover the memories of a wave of suicides that shook her high school in 1999. None of her former classmates have talked about it, until now, although each of them has kept their personal archives from that time. Their memories reveal a far more complex and compelling story than she ever expected. The film is an invitation to move through the silence of grief. Q&A with Director Samara Grace Chadwick.


DCTV Presents The Pain of Others

Mon 11/26, 7pm, DCTV

87 Lafayette St NYC 10013

Unsettling, funny and intimate, this found footage is at once a body-horror documentary and a radical act of empathy, asking viewers to travel through disbelief, discomfort and YouTube compression in order to access a reality only found through proximity to these bodies. Screens with Normal Appearances, a sort of ambivalent fan vid? Q&A with Director Penny Lane.


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