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SMS Faculty Shannon Mattern has New Works Published, Keynote Speech Engagement.

Faculty member Shannon Mattern published a new essay, “Maintenance and Care,” in Places Journal. The essay examines the rise of interest in maintenance, repair, and care across scales of practice — from civil engineering and building maintenance, to appliance repair and data curation. In addition, she’ll be the keynote speaker at the “Community Mapping and Civic Data” symposium at the University of Pennsylvania on November 30.

Her “Mapping’s Intelligent Agents” article was featured in a new book, Mapping and Politics in the Digital Age, edited by Pol Bargués-Pedreny, David Chandler, and Elena Simon, and recently published by Routledge. Her work on libraries was also referenced in a recent article by Alexandra Lange in The Atlantic. She also participated in the Poetics of Information symposium at NYU on November 16.

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