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December Special for Film Festivals in FilmFreeway


December Special for Film Festivals in FilmFreeway

Entering this holiday month, three international film festivals are giving a special discount.
This is the last chance to submit to these Festivals, as they are wrapping very soon and will have their Opening Ceremony in January 2019. Grab the chance to submit your excellent film and documentary with a 35% discount for a very limited time.
All festivals accept film and documentaries (short and feature).

The participating Festivals are:

World Tolerance Awards & Prize
The Festival strives to give recognition to people who work and dedicate his/her life for tolerance. He/she could be anyone from any kind of profession, from all age, and from any parts of the world. The Festival’s mission is to promote tolerance; towards our neighbors, towards different religions, different political views, tolerance towards the environment.

Discount code: LASTCHANCEWTA
Valid until: December 4, 2018

West Java International Film Festival
The Festival is in search for films and documentaries about traditional music, heroes and heroine, tradition, art, culture, literature, fable, ancient stories, ancient kingdoms, war, and touching films about humbleness, kindness, and inspirational films and documentaries.
Discount code: LASTWEST
Valid until: December 4, 2018 (code also function as a Deadline Waiver)
Africa-Asia Festival of Cinema
Film/documentary film/music should be origin from Africa-Asia; or directed by African or Asian filmmakers or descendant. The Festival accepts feature and short films and documentary, non-narrative (experimental) film, and music video.
Discount code: AALAST35
Valid until: December 3, 2018 (code also function as a Deadline Waiver)
These Festivals are waiting for you. Don’t miss this chance.

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