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Call for Papers: Digitizing Race, Making Latinxs | March 7 – 8th @ NYU

NYU’s Latinx Project invites papers for their upcoming conference Digitizing Race, Making Latinxs in the 21st Century  from advanced graduate students, faculty and independent scholars and writers who explore these issues widely. Topics may include, but are not limited to:

-The intersections between Latinxs, race, and new media and digital technologies.
-Examinations of how populations are being constructed online
-Digital advertising
-How racism is reproduced, reinforced and contested in the digital domain.
-Politics of representation for / political economy of online content creators
-Social media, politics and the shaping of new publics
-Activists use of digital technologies and social media activism
-Intersections between critical race studies, science and technology studies

Please send abstracts and CVs to by December 30th

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