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Meerkat Media Production Company Coop Seeks Paid Intern | Meerkat Media Collective

Rolling deadline – interviews starting as early as the week of December 10 – Apply now!

About Meerkat Media:

Meerkat Media is a media production company co-op and arts collective, committed to making artful and thought-provoking films through a non-hierarchical collaborative process. They produce both independent and commissioned work, ranging from documentary features and music videos, to web videos for publishers, universities, news magazines and non-profits. In all their work, they emphasize narrative storytelling, visual craft, and a dedication to the highest production value. You can see samples of their work here.

They operate as a co-op, meaning that they run all aspects of the business collaboratively, while also filling most of the creative and technical roles on their film projects. They produce projects that allow them to grow as artists, contribute to social movements across the city, and maintain their financial sustainability.

To apply and  learn more about the internship, click here

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