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REFUGEE STORIES PROJECT, Produced by Deanna Kamiel.

The “Refugee Stories” project was created to bring a lens to the humanity of the refugee crisis. Each refugee story and experience is different; collectively, they show the resiliency and strength of the human spirit. With these interviews we are celebrating and memorializing these individual stories. This project was made possible through a grant with The New School, whose history is rooted in principles of academic freedom, tolerance and social engagement. 
We were honored to be chosen by Deanna Kamiel to direct this project. Deanna was our mentor while we were in the Doc Studies program, and our producer when we started our professional relationship with this project. Her faith in us as directors and her ability to give advice while simultaneously let us go and execute her vision were the uniquely Deanna characteristics that made her so dear to us. It was a true gift to work with her on this project in the last year of her life. Her dedication never wavered–she cheered us along each step while going through her own difficulties. Her vision, selflessness and hard work are an enduring inspiration for us all. 
Research and co-production:
Cristina Gagnebin Müller, alum, MA ’18
Kristin Sztyk, MA student

Produced by:

Deanna Kamiel (in memoriam)

Paul Hardart (previously worked at TNS & granted the Faculty Research Fund award ’17 & ’18)

Additional camera and sound:

Sara Fusco

Yuri Tavares

Special thanks:

Michael Stewart

The New School

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