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Screenwriting Contest from Manhattan Film Institute

Manhattan Film Institute’s first annual screenwriting competition has been launched, and just in time for the holidays, we have already extended the deadline date for you to submit a short film.

This competition is meant to encourage talented new writers to take that idea they’ve had for years, and turn it into an original 3 to 5 page short, keeping it focused on 2 characters, and having it take place in 1 location.  Known in films schools around the world as a “3, 2, 1”, it’s amazing to see how much “story” (and drama) can be packed into such a small package.  Think of the “3,2,1” in terms of having the same structure as a full length screenplay: A beginning, middle, and end (you should even have a twist); in just 3 – 5 pages, you can introduce two main characters, have them in a distinctive conflict, that ends in a surprising outcome; and, perhaps most importantly, be sure to create and write characters that make us care.

Acclaimed judges include Chazz Palminteri, Bobby Moresco, Marcia Gay Harden, and Bill Finkelstein.

Please have a look at our amazing film program, where you can also read full details, learn about how we work, watch some of our films, and register for the competition:

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