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Healthy Materials Lab is hiring a Research Assistant: Spring 2019

Are you looking to join a team of passionate and creative people working to make the world a healthier place for all people? Healthy Materials Lab is looking for a Research Assistant with videography (both recording and video editing), graphic design, systems mapping, and/or data visualization skills to join our team.

This student will assist with recording and editing videos, including interviews and events; diagramming and mapping systems; visualizing complex information into accessible formats; and creating assets for events and general HML use.

Requirements: Undergraduate or Graduate student at The New School with strong representation abilities. Must be a team player, hard-working, and ready to dive into new material.

Apply now to be considered for Spring Semester work!

Please note this is a separate job opportunity than open positions in the Donghia healthier Materials Library. If you would like to be considered for that position, please apply here.


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