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SMS Course Assistant Opportunity for Urban Media: Tactics & Performance

Student needed to support Professor Nitin Sawhney’s Urban Media: Tactics and Performance

Course Description

How do we make sense of the urban through sensory and embodied experiences? How can we investigate and engage in everyday places and contested sites in the city through tactical media, performance and artistic interventions? In this studio we explore these questions through experimental media, embodied performance practices, and site-specific projects. The course brings together perspectives from art, technology, urbanism, media and activism. We examine embodied practices from dance, ritualized movement and street theater, the use of bodies in public spaces for mass protests, sensory ethnography and artistic or media-based interventions conducted around the city. Students will work individually and in groups to devise their own sensory and artistic investigations of selected urban sites using sound, visual and embodied performances to better understand, disrupt or transform the historic narratives, memory or socio-political conditions in these places.

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