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Videographer Help Wanted: Web Series

Below is information about the web series:

My name is Lizzie Winter and I am a recent college graduate from the University of Pennsylvania where I was a Theatre minor. I have studied acting my entire life but have always been the most interested in improv comedy. My younger sister, Elle Winter, is a professional singer/actress, and was a former Radio Disney/Disney Channel artist who is now signed to CAA and a record label and on the rise of breaking into the mainstream music industry. I have created a character, “Elle Winter’s Sister” (essentially an exaggerated version of myself) who is obsessed with fame and leeching off her sister’s success. The character is inspired by Mr. G from Summer Heights High and Michael Scott from The Office. I am looking for a videographer to help me produce mockumentary style sketches and confessionals (with the same deadpan humor as The Office) that can go on the Instagram for Elle Winter’s Sister or potentially even a YouTube Channel. I would be open to paying a videographer, but I am really interested in finding someone who understands the humor and my vision and would take equity when I make the account public and it becomes a brand, selling products, etc. My sister has a large following that continues to grow so once I have developed the content for the Elle Winter’s Sister Instagram account and make it public, it will have exposure and there could be significant upside.

To follow up with Lizzie for more information about the potential opportunity, please contact her at:

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