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NYC Independent Film Festival Works with Footage Farm – Panel and Documentary Prizes

Footage Farm – Panel and Documentary Prizes!

Attention documentary filmmakers! For the 2019 festival, the NYC Independent Film Festival is so excited to work with Footage Farm on both an excellent archive panel as well as prizes for our Feature Documentary and Short Documentary winners!

Footage Farm was created in 2001 with the simple goal of offering documentary producers and film-makers easy access to public domain material without the often high costs of license fees.

The prizes for our documentary winners are as follows:

-The winner of the best documentary feature will receive 20 minutes of our public domain (PD) material

-The winner of the short will receive 10 minutes of PD material

-The prizes can only be claimed by either the producer or director of the winning projects for only one of their future projects

-The winners have 24 months from the announcement date to claim their prize

-The footage will be given per continuous minute (I.e. A clip of 10 seconds will count as 1 minute)

-Though the prizes cannot be exchanged for cash, the 20 minutes of free material have a cash value of $3300 ($1600 for the 10 minutes)

For more info on Footage Farm please visit their website

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