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Dalit Film Festival, 2/24 at the New School

Dalit Film and Cultural Festival (DALIFF).

With the emergence of caste centric films in the mainstream Indian (also, in Nepal) film industry in recent years and its notable success has dawned upon the nu-genre of film making—the Dalit Cinema. Dalit Cinema is a newer technique to underscore the importance of art and creativity in upholding the human loving virtues simultaneously standing guard to fighting the ills of society.

In partnership with Barnard College, US Ambedkerites, India China Institute is hosting an International Dalit Film Festival in New York City on February 23 (at Columbia University) & February 24, 2019 at The New School. Primary aim is to advance critical dialogues about the experiences of Dalits and other oppressed groups in the film industry.

Historically the experiences of Dalit in the films, erstwhile untouchables or the lower castes (over 250 million people worldwide) have been camouflaged by appropriating their voices into a caste neutral character. Oft-repeated incidents of suppression of Dalit voices and Dalit assertion has maintained the cultural hegemony of dominating classes in India. Whenever Dalit characters are presented on screen, it is either to degrade the humanity of the Dalit or term it as a despicable character worthy to receiving humiliation. Such casteist gestures have downgraded the quality of Dalit cultural life in India further pushing them down to the perils of humane existence.

DALIFF’s aims are three-fold:

  1. To expose to the world about the nuances of Dalit life, buried underneath the popular forms of artistic expressions.
  2. To encourage a dialogue on the lack of representation and diversity in the Indian and South Asian film industry on the experiences of Dalit lives.
  3. To create solidarity with other oppressed groups tied into a Fourth World project by intervention of the film.

They invite you to attend a day of festivity celebrating Dalit genius. Celebrity Dalit filmmakers Pa. Ranjith, Nagraj Manjule, Neeraj Ghaywan and former Femina Miss India Earth, Niharika Singh would be special guests to honor the Dalit Film Festival (DALIFF).

Date & Venue (10 am to 6 pm)

February 23, 2018 at Barnard College, Columbia University;

February 24, 2018, UL102, 63 Fifth Avenue, The New School


Selected Films/Documentaries/TV Serials:

– Kaala (2.42 hrs)

– Fandry (1.45 hrs)

– Masaan (1.44 hrs)

– Perumal Pariyerum (2.34 hrs)

– Papilio Buddha (1.48 hrs)

– Kakoos — Divya Bharathi (1.49 hrs)

– We Have Not Come Here to Die Part 1 — Deepa Dhanraj  (1.15 hrs)

– Pistulya, Nagraj Manjule (15 mins)

– Dalan series — Nepal (30 mins)

– B R Ambedkar Now and Then — Jyoti Nisha

– India Untouched — Stalin K

– Gandhi, Untouchables and Me — Rao Rampilla

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