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Course Asisstant with AVID Experience needed for Editing: ART & PRACTICE SP’19 Course

The aesthetics of editing – the choice of images, their timing, and sequence – is at the core of motion picture making. This course begins with a focus on the analysis of structure and editing style and concludes with some advanced techniques in digital postproduction. Major topics include: rhythm, continuity editing, mise-en-scene, montage, cinematic time and space, among others. Lectures and screenings of excerpts from selected films and videos will be used to explore strategies and techniques used by editors to create connections between images. Students will apply editing concepts learned in class on their year-long project. The class builds on basic principles of digital editing – documentary organization, structure, workflows, logs, timelines, basic trim procedures, etc. – and introduces more advanced techniques such as: working with music and composers; preparing the sound mix; creating video titles and graphics; color correction; generating output; and conforming and transferring projects, among other topics.
Course open only to Documentary Studies Certificate students


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