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2019 NYC Independent Film Festival – Short Films, May 5 – 12

The Best Indie Films in NYC May 5 – 12: Animation!

The 2019 NYC Independent Film Festival will present over 275 awesome indie films! The lineup includes 23 animated films! Animated films have the ability to stretch our imagination and speak to complex emotions in a way that live-action films sometimes can’t. We’ve split our animation selections up into two programs, each happening twice – you WON’T want to miss this! TICKETS AVAILABLE BELOW!
Check out a few of the animated films that will be presented at this year’s Festival!
BRISTLED by Scott Farrell
United States | 2018 | Animation | 5 min | English | Program 1
After countless blind dates, Bernard swears that his next date will be ‘the one’. But could her one flaw be too much for him to overcome? Bristled is a hand drawn comedic short film that deals the way we perceive others as well as ourselves.
Spain | 2018 | Animation | 3 min 30 sec | Spanish | Program 2
Short film based on the Maria Elena Walsh song for kids.
Class of 84 by Alex Salsberg and Joe Andrade
USA | 2018 | Animation | 14 min 30 sec | English | Program 1
Teenager Mike feels smothered by his overprotective mom’s extensive safety rules, until he uncovers a horrifying curse that puts her in immediate danger. With the help of a mysterious shut-in named Robbie Zygowski (voiced by Dr. Katz’s Jonathan Katz), Mike must decide whether or not he can break his mother’s rules to save her life.
Mind Games by Jiaqi Yan
USA | 2018 | Animation | 2 min 13 sec | English | Program 2
All work and no play can make your mind wander. This fun film is about a wandering mind and its adventures as it seeks the meaning of life!
Desire Line by Ruini Shi
United Kingdom | 2018 | Animation | 7 min | English | Program 1
When a tragedy occurs one Valentine’s Day, we turn to an AI for answers.
Mogu and Perol
Japan | 2018 | Animation | 8 min 32 sec | Japanese | Program 1
A story about two friends living on Yummy Island, where delicious food can be found everywhere! Whenever Mogu is cooking, Perol just pops up and eats the yummy meal. One day Perol finds a very tasty looking Brrrr-berry that Mogu was about to pick. Perol doesn’t wait for a second to taste the berry which brings about an unexpected quarrel between the two.

Get your tickets to Program 2:

May 9 – 4:00 pm Session

May 10 – 9:15 pm Session

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