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Paid Part-Time Gig: Film Researcher for Documentary Film

$15-$20/Hour Paid Part-Time Film Researcher Part-Time
About The Film
Title: Ena’s Goyesque
Every year, in Arles’ ancient Roman arena, a special bullfight is held, called a “Corrida Goyesque”- a bullfight in the style of Goya. One artist is commissioned to make a painting on the floor of the arena for this unique event.
Inspired by her immersion in the Camargue, the American artist, Ena Swansea, won the commission.  To date she is the only woman and the only American ever to receive it.  
Set in Arles and the beautiful Camargue, ENA’S GOYESQUE, is a film about the artist’s experience;  a meditation, both dreamy and visceral, on the history of the bull in art, the bullfight, and an exploration of the bull’s deep penetration into the psyche of humanity.
The project has received interest from the MET, Luma-Arles, Tribeca Film Festival.
HERE is a link to the trailer.
About the Position
The Film Researcher will work closely with the executive editor and director to source high-resolution images as well as basic historical information for the feature-length documentary film, Ena’s Goyesque.

Time Expectation:

The position will require a weekly commitment of about 3-5 hours for 2-3 months. There is also potential for the role to expand to include editing and post-production support.
This is a paid position $15-$20 per hour

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