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New York films at the 2019 #NYCindieFF

The Best Indie Films in NYC May 5 – 12: New York!

The 2019 NYC Independent Film Festival will present over 275 awesome indie films! And we have some typical New York films for you. Films that deal on subjects from this city that could only deal in this city. There’s no subway like the New York subway. New York invented the comedy clubs and even the crime in this city always had that unique touch.

Check out a few of our New York films that will be presented at this year’s Festival!

MARIE’S CRISIS by Michael Vecchio
United States | 2018 | Short Doc | 10 min 23 sec 
In 1967 a sing-along piano bar in the basement of a building in with a storied history opened in New York’s West Village. This short documentary explores why it has and continues to be a home for misfits, musical theatre lovers and tourists alike.

by Jack Friedman
United States | 2018 | Documentary | 30 min 
The Cobblestone Wars is a true crime documentary series, highlighting New York’s underworld during the 1900’s and teens. Before The Mafia, after the Five Points.

LOST/NYC by Homer Liwag
United States | 2018 | Super Short | 2 min 
Chasing light and fleeting moments while lost in New York City. Based on a quote of New York painter Georgia O’Keeffe: “One can’t paint New York as it is, but rather as it is felt”. Powerful  portrait of the city and it’s people in atmospheric black and white images.

by Paul Higbie and Seth Pompi
United States | 2018 | Documentary | 1 hr 29 min
On the fringe of the New York stand-up scene, there are characters no comedian could make up. At open mikes, they do fascinating comedy which sometimes only makes sense to them. Two outsider comedians let us deep into their lives, which are even more surprising and peculiar than their acts.

RAIL FAN by James Stuart
United States | 2018 | Short Doc | 36 min 33 sec 
Hidden in NYC’s subway system there is a thriving subculture, rail fans; young men from the inner city who head into the subway not to travel from A to B, but to revel in the sights and sounds of the system. See what the city’s subway obsessives find so fascinating about this sprawling, crowded and broken-down system.

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